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    李杰2017-07-04 11:39:21 北京人民广播电台


    Janice,北京外语广播《感受北京Touch Beijing》主持人

      Janice Matthews is a South African copy writer and editor, living and working in Beijing. She received her Bachelor of Arts in media and writing at the University of Cape Town. She started her career as a producer of a talk show for a community television; she has since gone to work for online and print publications and is happy to find herself a home now at Touch Beijing.

      This is Janice from Touch Beijing.I have always been an avid reader, so it is a great pleasure for me to read an excerpt of a book that has touched me lately. It is called the Good women of China and it was penned by a former Chinese journalist. Who writes under the pseudonym, Xinran. She had a very popular radio show for eight years called "Words on the Night Breeze" and she won the trust of women who would call in and give confession and testimonials of their lives. I think this is the inspiration of the book which is a collection of personal essays of the women she interviewed. The book really does start with a bang so I would like to read the prologue.

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